Fitness Coaching

In 2005 Desiree Winkel owner and founder of Fitness Coaching opened Fitness Coaching in Simpson bay, Sint Maarten. Fitness Coaching works with highly qualified personal trainers and is an SBB acknowledged training company. This means Fitness Coaching is the only registered company who can teach Fitness interns to become a personal trainer or fitness instructor in Sint Maarten. 

Owner and Founder, Personal trainer

Desiree Winkel 

Desiree is the founder of Fitness Coaching, she has been a part of the health and fitness industry since 1981, Before she came to Sint Maarten she ran an Event Organizing company in Curacao for 15 years. Fitness Coaching has a wide range of experience working with clients of all ages from 6 to 85, both one on one, and in group classes.

She enjoys the challenge of working with the athletic enthusiasts (cyclists, triathlons, weightlifters etc.), the mature adult and those with general fitness and wellness goals. She also work with clients that have injury related situations such as lower back, neck, shoulder problems. 

Her focus is to assist her clients in their goals through a program that meets their needs. She works full time in the industry providing fitness appraisals, personalized programs, corporate and nutritional consultations. As a Fitness Professional certified by the Dutch Society for Exercise, with knowledge of sport massage and Applied Movement Neurology she keeps up with her certifications. They are maintained by annually attending conferences and workshops that allow her to keep current on developments in fitness.  Her knowledge of in-group training/classes ranges from Step, Stretch and Strength, Cardiovascular, Core Strengthening, "Stability Ball", Cycle Fit, Slide, Circuit, TRX, functional and more. She can customize and individualize programs to suit anyone.

Personal Trainer

Thimo Grevengoed

Thimo is an experienced personal trainer, functional training and corrective exercise specialist.

Besides being a personal trainer, Thimo has also been a yoga teacher for many years and studied yoga in India and Holland.  

Thimo,  although originally from Holland loves Sint Maarten, its beaches and of course the beautiful weather.

With 20 years of experience and certification in Yoga, Pilatus, Personal training and nutrition, Thimo is well qualified to guide and advice you in the physical and mental aspects of your program. 

Personal Trainer

Elmer Melfor

Elmer is trained in the protocol of Fitness Coaching. Originally from Curacao where he worked for the Coast Guard, his passion for fitness started in his early 20ties. In Curacao he made meals for people who wanted to lose weight and helped them to reach their goals. His knowledge about weight loss nutrition is extensive. Elmer is very creative in the way he trains the clients and likes to challenge them.